Vegan Beauty Products Update – Bumble & Bumble, Benefit Cosmetics, Elizabeth & James

UPDATED ON November 23rd, 2017

These vegan beauty product updates were sent in by Double Check Vegan reader Lila G.

Benefit Cosmetics
Customer service confirmed 4/17/2017 that
Gimme Brow eyebrow volumizer is vegan.

Bumble and Bumble vegan product list from customer service 1/24/2017:
Hair dresser’s invisible oil
Grooming creme
Surf Foam wash shampoo
Surf Foam wash conditioner

Elizabeth and James vegan fragrances list from customer service 4/3/2017.
Nirvana Black
Nirvana White
Nirvana Bourbon

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How You Can Help

Check out our list of customer service numbers. If you’re ever bored, send off an e-mail to a company asking which products are vegan. If they don’t have any vegan products, request them. You can forward response e-mails to info at doublecheckvegan dot com and we’ll share the results. Every little bit helps. The more companies hear that customers care about ingredients, the more likely they are to chase their policies.

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