UPDATED ON September 15th, 2021

Please read this before contacting me.

Double Check Vegan does not write sponsored posts and does not host sponsored or promotional posts from guest bloggers.

If you’re contacting me about your brand or product, it should obviously be vegan and say so in the e-mail as well as on your website.

Please feel free to contact me about the following:

  • questions, corrections, and suggestions for ingredients to add to the database.
  • tell me about your original vegan brand so I can add it to our directories – it’s free.
  • send me your art/music if you’re a vegan creator. It doesn’t need to be about being vegan.
  • tell me about your vegan product. I’m personally most interested in fashion, candy, vegan cheese, art supplies, music, parenting, and nail polish. 
  • send me your vegan product – I’ll write about it if I love it.
  • invite me to join your affiliate program.

I often get emails asking “is [x] art supply vegan?” If it’s not on my list of Vegan Art Supplies yet, then I don’t yet know. I tend to add to the list when I need to answer that question for myself.

Please ask the manufacturer of whatever you are wondering about directly first. If you get a reply, I would love if you forward the correspondence to info at doublecheckvegan dot com so I can see if it’s something I should add to the website. If you get a vague answer or no answer from the manufacturer, I’ll be happy to look into it further when I can.