UPDATED ON April 26th, 2024

About the Search Engine

Double Check Vegan has the most extensive database of animal ingredients on the internet, with over 2,200 cosmetic, food additive, and pharmaceutical ingredients that are obtained from living and killed non-human animals.

What also separates DCV from other ingredient sites for vegans, is that you can paste an entire list of ingredients at once (for example, copied from a manufacturer’s website) into the search box, and with one click, all non-vegan ingredients that are in our database will be flagged.

Double Check Vegan’s Goals:

  • to make it easier for consumers to find out which products contain animal ingredients.
  • to spread awareness of how common hidden animal ingredients are.
  • to spread awareness of alternatives to animal ingredients.
  • to encourage consumers to contact companies and request vegan products in the hopes of more companies adopting vegan formulas.
  • to make slaughterhouses less profitable by shrinking the market for their coproducts.
  • in other words, to help reduce the suffering of animals by harnessing consumer power.

I created this search engine because I wanted a tool for myself to make checking ingredients less time-consuming, and because I enjoy data-entry. I started working on it in 2015 and launched online in 2016.

Compiling this database of so many ingredients whose names would never suggest their origin, drove home just how much we take for granted the fact that parts of slaughtered and exploited animals are in so many everyday products.

My hope in sharing this site, is to provide a useful tool for people who do not want to use products that exploit animals, and to spread awareness to everyone of what exactly is in the products they use.

If you find you have a product that contains a non-vegan ingredient, or especially one of the many mystery ingredients that can have animal or other sources, please take a few minutes to call the manufacturer and let them know that the source of ingredients matters to you.

For my source material, I used and double checked the following references and also did original research. Please send any corrections my way.