Vegan Jewelry Brands

Here’s a list of 100% vegan jewelry brands. You might think most jewelry companies are vegan, but many use leather and silk. This list features companies that are explicitly vegan. Please e-mail me if you have a vegan jewelry brand and want to be listed. It’s free, I just want to spread the word!

  • 100% Vegan Jewelry Brands

  • Humane Home (Original designs printed on cotton and sewn on to vegan leather cuffs, made in Seattle)
  • Kuma (Vegan leather butterfly motif accessories)
  • Love is Mighty (Necklaces handmade in rural India)
  • Rebecca Schiffman Jewelry (Architecture inspired jewelry and chainmail cuffs, made in Los Angeles – my stuff!)
  • Vaute (Vegan message jewelry from well-known vegan clothing company)

Defunct Vegan Jewelry Brands

  • Westland Jewelry

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