Vegan Makeup Brands for the Face

UPDATED ON September 23rd, 2019

Here’s a comprehensive list of 100% vegan makeup and skincare brands for the face. This page is divided into two sections. The first list is for face makeup like blush and concealer. Scroll down for face skincare like serums and cleansers. This page may contain affiliate links.
Updated: January 30, 2019

100% Vegan Makeup Brands for the Face

100% Vegan Skincare Brands for the Face

  • Adorn Cosmetics (facial polish, facial cleanser, mask, mist, night cream, oil)
  • Aesop (cleanser, moisturizer, mask, exfoliate, oil, polish, sunscreen, shave)
  • Athar’a Pure (cleanser, serum, mask, toner, scrub)
  • The Buddha Beauty Company (cleanser, toner, facial oil, face cream, face scrub, face mask, accessories)
  • Demes (cleansing oil, toner, makeup remover)
  • Derma E (face masks, cleansing, toners, peels, scrubs, acne, sunscreen, body moisturizer etc.)
  • Ecco Bella (toner, serum, cleanser, night cream, day cream, exfoliantblemish remedy)
  • French Girl Organics (toner, oils, body oils, perfume, sea soak, bronzing, body exfoliant)
  • Gabriel Cosmetics (glow serum)
  • Gourmet Body Treats (serum)
  • Herbivore Botanicals (mask, toner, oils, night treatment, mist)
  • Hush + Dotti (cleansor, exfoliator, body balm)
  • Kaeng Raeng (facial serum, face mask, body scrub)
  • Mad Hippie (face cream, oil, serum, cleanser, sunscreen, exfoliant)
  • Meow Meow Tweet (face cream, facial soap, serum, makeup remover, oil, toner, cleanser, mask)
  • Nature’s Gate (facial serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, kids sunscreen, tanner, Vitamin E skin oil)
  • NIU BODY (skin cleansing oil, makeup remover, mask, serum, toner)
  • OSEA (toning, serum, facial oil, mask, exfoliant, body polish)
  • OZNaturals (facial cleanser, exfoliant, toner, mask, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen – also available on Amazon)
  • Pacifica (cleanse, mask, serum, scrub)
  • Pelle Beauty (oil, cleansing, mist)
  • Skyn Iceland (skincare)
  • Sudsatorium (toner)
  • Sukin (cleanser, exfoliant, serum, oil, tonic, mask, baby shampoo, baby body wash)
  • Trufora (facial cleanser, exfoliant, night treatment, sunscreen)
  • The Wonder Seed (facial cream, facial cleanser, facial scrub)

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