Vegan Baby Clothing Brands

UPDATED ON July 13th, 2021
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Here’s a list of vegan baby clothing brands that make girls’, boys’, and gender neutral vegan onesies, rompers, pants, leggings, sweaters, tops, jackets, and more!

Finding explicitly vegan baby clothing brands was almost impossible though I’m sure that will soon change. I’m not talking about onesies with vegan messages on them, though I’ll add a list at the bottom of this page for vegan message baby clothing when I get around to it. I’m looking for brands that make baby clothes that don’t use any animal materials in their products or manufacturing process.
(Click here for vegan baby shoe brands).

Criteria to be included on Vegan Baby Clothing Brand List

I ended up e-mailing around 40 companies whose websites appeared not to carry anything made from animal products – no wool, silk, leather, alpaca, cashmere, etc., and who had some sort of sustainable, ethical ethos built into their company. I asked if all of their products were vegan including the dying and manufacturing process. This list is based on the responses I got.

None of these brands are “certified” vegan, but I’ll include all of the information from each brand so you can decide for yourself. If you run a baby clothing brand that is 100% vegan, please e-mail me. There’s no fee to be listed!

Updated March 13, 2020
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Vegan Baby Clothing Brands

Monica and Andy

“Our production team has just confirmed with us that all of our GOTS fibers, yarn, fabric and the dyes are fully vegan.”
– June 2019 e-mail from Monica and Andy


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“Yes, we are 100% vegan! You can rest assured that all our products are not tested on animals nor are any animal products used.”
– July 2017 e-mail received from PACT customer service.
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Colored Organics

“Almost all of our garments are made out of GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton. Some garments may have a small percentage of elastane for stretch, this will be identified on the product page. The threads used on the garments are polyester. In regards to dying, all of our dyes are water-based and are AZO and heavy metal free. To our knowledge, our dyes are not made with any animal products or byproducts nor are they tested on animals.”
– June 2019 e-mail from Colored Organics customer service


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Milk Barn

“I did hear back from our owner and the mills and both of our mills assured us no insects or animals are used in the dyes. All of our organic fabrics are made with GOTS certified organic cotton which is the highest level of certification for organic fabrics.
We use low impact, fiber reactive dyes for all of our textile printing. Fiber reactive dyes contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances and do not need mordants. No fire retardants are used on our fabrics.”
– June 2019 e-mail from Milk Barn customer service


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Winter Water Factory*

“All of our products are vegan! We use only 100% organic cotton,  and our dyes and inks used are water based, non toxic, and contain no animal products.”
– June 2019 e-mail from Winter Water Factory customer service.

*Update: May 2021 Winter Water Factory collaborated with a leather baby shoe company, with the shoe company using WWF’s print’s on their leather baby shoes. The shoes are only available at the other company’s website.

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