Plastic Free: Old Socks as a Travel Utensil Case

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On the journey to plastic-free and zero-waste, I’ve been carrying reusable utensils, straws, and napkins with me,  but it took a little while to find the perfect travel utensil case.

The thing is, I’m a bit germaphobic. The cases that come with most travel utensil sets tend to be flimsy or are meant only to be spot cleaned. I want to know that the utensils I’m going to put in my mouth are stored in something really clean!

After some trial and error, I finally found a travel utensil case that works for me and it might seem a little counter-intuitive for a germaphobe – old socks!

Plastic Free Socks Travel Utensil Case

Both of these socks lost their mates to holes but have found a new purpose. I use one sock for clean utensils and napkins, and one for dirty. The mismatched socks are easily discernible and I know they can take a good washing!

I wanted to share this tip because it helps reduce waste in more ways than one.

What’s in my sock?

  • Reusable Napkin –  I bought this one and have bought others at estate sales where you can often find entire sets of cool napkins for a dollar or two.
  • Hummingbird Glass Straw – dishwasher safe, made in the USA.
  • Light My Fire Titanium Spork – dishwasher safe. I only have one of these so when it’s dirty, sometimes I just take a regular fork. You can also find cheap utensils at estate sales, as well as at charity thrift stores.

Do you have a trick for carrying reusable utensils? Share in the comments.




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