Best Warmest Women’s Vegan Winter Coats 2019

UPDATED ON October 24th, 2019

Winter is coming and you need a new vegan winter coat. Luckily there are more high quality options than ever before. Here’s a round-up of the best and warmest gender-neutral and women’s vegan winter coats for 2019. This list does NOT contain any affiliate links.

Why purchase a vegan winter coat?

In the past, most high quality winter coats and jackets were made from materials such as down, fur, and wool taken from captive and/or killed animals. The following vegan winter coats are made from a variety of equally warm, cruelty-free substitutes.

Vegan + high quality

These jackets are not the cheapest – they range from $259 – $795. It’s actually pretty easy to find cheap synthetic jackets which are technically vegan. But this list is for explicitly vegan winter coats from companies using the latest vegan-friendly materials with a focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

We like to spotlight totally vegan brands, but have included one vegan winter coat from a not-all-vegan, but sustainably-minded brand at the end.

Best and Warmest Vegan Winter Coats for 2019 – Women’s and Gender Neutral Styles

Save the Duck – Women’s Copy Classic Winter Hooded Parka – $498

Vegan Winter Jacket - Save the Duck - Copy Classic Hooded Parka

Italian brand Save the Duck aims to save ducks by creating vegan alternatives to down jackets. Their proprietary PLUMTECH® filling is warmer than down, breathable, waterproof, machine-washable, and quick-drying.

Save the Duck offers a huge variety of styles, sizes (XXS – XXXL depending on style), and levels of warmth. Their jackets are great for travel because they can be compressed and stuffed into a tiny, pocket-sized pouch.

Save the Duck – Luma Winter Hooded Multicolor Jacket – $348

Vegan Winter Coat - Save the Duck - Luma

I love the retro vibe of Save the Duck’s LUMA jacket. By the way, Save the Duck is a member of amfori BSCI, a business association committed to social responsibility.

If these styles don’t speak out to you, do check out their website because they have so many more options than what I’ve included here.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs – Lyndon Vegan Down Jacket – 370 Euros

Based in Germany, Embassy of Bricks and Logs is a vegan company with animal rights built into their mission. Their proprietary faux down filling is made from recycled PET plastic bottles collected from the ocean. The company focuses on sustainability in both their jacket materials and packaging.

Embassy of Bricks and Logs – Elphin Vegan Down Coat – 320 Euros

To meet demand and keep the cost of their coats down, they recently moved production to China. You can read about a recent visit to their new factory here. Embassy of Bricks and Logs is PETA approved.

Noize – Kaylee Heavyweight Parka – $259

The Kaylee parka from Montreal-based vegan brand Noize, is windproof, water-resistant, and rated for temperatures as low as -30°C/ -22°F. It has a removable hood, removable faux fur trim, fleece lined pockets, and an inner lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Noize – Nicole Heavyweight Bomber – Plus Size! – $289

Plus Size Vegan Winter Coats - Noize - Nicole Heavyweight Bomber

Noize offers select vegan winter coats in plus sizes 1x – 3x. Their warmest plus size coat is the Nicole Heavyweight Bomber, also rated for temperatures as low as -30°C/ -22°F.

Wuxly Movement – Doe Parka – $650

Vegan Winter Coats - Wuxly Doe Parka

Wuxly Movement is the vegan answer to infamously cruel Canada Goose. The Toronto-based company’s vegan winter coats are made in Canada and insulated with Primaloft Gold. Primaloft Gold, Primaloft’s highest performing insulation, is ultra warm, lightweight, and unlike Down, keeps you warm even when wet.

The Doe Parka is suggested for temperatures of +10 to -30°C (+50 to -22°F). One really neat feature of this vegan parka is built-in back straps so you can carry your jacket when its too warm to wear!

Wuxly Movement – Queen Parka – $795

Vegan Winter Coats - Wuxly Queen Parka

The water-resistant Queen Parka from Wuxly Movement features a recycled nylon lining, a reflective hood strip to keep you visible at might, and 5 pockets! This vegan parka is recommended for temperatures of +5 to -35°C (+41 to +-31°F).

Vaute Couture – Lincoln Vegan Coat – $705

Vaute Couture, one of the oldest vegan fashion labels, is coming out of hiatus for a limited run of winter coats this season. This year they have some really cool colors.

Vaute Couture – Casto Parka – $650

EcoAlf – Siberia Puffer – $525

Vegan Winter Coats - EcoAlf - Purple Siberia Puffer

EcoAlf is not a vegan brand, but their newest collection of winter coats is vegan and PETA approved. Their Siberia Puffer is made from 100% recycled polyester.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the latest and best gender neutral and women’s vegan winter coats! Did we miss a style? Let us know!

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  • Kara
    November 27, 2019

    Could you make an article featuring vegan winter coats working class and low income people could afford to buy? I mean no disrespect, but $758 for a coat, or even $3-500, is a terrible statement to make to all the people going vegan out there who aren’t earning six digits. I have been a vegan since 1987. Back then it was something low income people could do very easily. But now that it has grown popular, the working class and low income people who want to object to factory farming, show compassion for animals or, as was the case when I began, go vegan as a statement against war and the control of living things (animals or people) through violent capitalist means are slowly getting pushed towards having few choices beyond McDonalds. Let’s turn that around so EVERYONE, not just people who can afford $758 winter coats, can go vegan!

    Thank you for considering!