Here’s a list of 100% vegan companies that make socks and hosiery. Most sport socks are vegan but you’d be surprised how many higher end socks have animal products like wool and silk. While there may be many sock brands that happen to only make cotton socks, this is a list of vegan sock and hosiery companies that are explicitly vegan.

100% Vegan Sock Brands

  • Good Guys (Small selection of artist designed socks from vegan shoe company)
  • Lolo Carolo (High-end patterned socks made in Spain and Portugal from Egyptian cotton)
  • Pact (Men’s and women’s socks, some fair trade and organic certified items)
  • Shongolulu (Men’s and women’s colorful socks, about $13,┬áportion of profits go to save wildlife, )

Vegan Sock Shopping

  • Bergies (Explicitly vegan online shop that sources socks from around the world)


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