Here’s a list of 100% vegan clothing brands which make everything including women’s and men’s pants, shirts, sweaters, dresses, suits, coats, and more. These are explicitly vegan brands.

 100% Vegan Clothing Brands – incognito

  • Anna Borgia (Women’s cocktail and black tie attire, $125 – $400)
  • Brave Gentleman (High-end men’s suits and outerwear including tuxedos and tweed overcoats. Focus on sustainability. Suit jackets around $570, pants around $350.)
  • Delikate Rayne (Women’s high-end contemporary line using solid color vegan satins and vegan leathers, $110 – $360)
  • Harper Lange (Full line of women’s styles)
  • Hindi Jain (men’s and women’s yoga wear and casual wear, $18 – $68)
  • Indigo Apparel (eco-friendly loungewear, $28 – $72)
  • Melissa McCarthy (Women’s all-size full line using only vegan materials)
  • Miakoda (Women’s athletic and loungewear, $20 – $160)
  • Pact (Women’s, Men’s, Baby’s, casual and loungewear)
  • Wully Outerwear (High-end outerwear, veganism’s answer to Canada Goose, $300 – $700)
  • Vaute (Women’s and Men’s clothing, sweaters, tops, casual and red carpet dresses, button-down shirts, swimsuits and more, focus on reducing waste and using recycled fibers, $35 – $700)

100% Vegan Clothing Brands – clothes with vegan messages


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